Voice Actor Jay Johnston Banned from Bob’s Burgers


The very famous Actor and Comedian Jay Johnston who is renowned for voicing the popular character Jimmy Pesto Sr. in the fox animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers has been banned from the show. According to the sources the ‘ban’ was amidst his alleged appearance in the January 6th Capital Riot. It has been claimed that he was one of the paid participants of the violent events of insurrection.

Johnston, 53, potrayed Pesto in 43 episodes of Bob’s Burgers in its first eleven seasons. He last appeared in the Season 11 episode “The Bridge Over Troubled Rudy,” which aired on May 2, 2021. Since the first season of Bob’s Burgers, Jimmy Pesto Sr. has been a fan favourite. He is the wacky counterpart to Bob and owns Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria. He is also a patriotic Italian who wears Italian flag underpants and a tie.

Since season 11 only Fox and Disney are not permitting him to voice for the show in lieu of the Capital Riot. Although, official spokespersons from both the channels have restrained from commenting on the incident. Fox spokesperson simply told news channel The Daily Beast that, “Thanks for reaching out, FOX has no comment” on this story, and a Disney spokesperson similarly replied, “​​We will not be providing a comment.” Apart from Bob’s Burgers, Jay is also known for Television Series like Anchorman, Arrested Development and Mr. Show.

Actor Jay Johnston, Trump Supporter?

The incident came into light when the Federal Beareau of Investigation (FBI) on 4th of March released a photo and a video of the disturbance that was captured on camera near the Capitol steps. In the video, a guy wearing a green leather jacket and a camouflage neck gaiter—dubbed suspect number 247 by the FBI—can be seen with rioters taking photos as Trump supporters make their way into the building in front of scaffolding placed up for the inauguration. Web sleuths identified the guy as the famous actor Jay Johnston, the voice behind Jimmy Pesto Sr. The actor’s fellow colleague Cassandra Church reacted to the photo and said that she isn’t a detective but is a kin of Jay and subsequently confirmed that the guy in the FBI’s photo is Jay Johnston.

Since the viral photo took the storm, citizens and fans are naming Jay Johnston as Trump-loving, ardent supporter of Trump, a craven for Trump and what not. One of the twitter users also tweeted that “But just because Donald Trump managed to escape a reckoning doesn’t mean Jimmy Pesto did.” However according to reports, the famous Jay Johnston has not been arrested or charged yet of the violent riots.


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