Everything You Need to Know about Tiramisu: Android 13


Technology never stops!

It had barely been a few months since Android 12 came out and now reports are being received that Google is already gearing up for the next generation of Android which is Android 13.

Tiramisu: The Android 13

Tiramisu is the reported name that has been given to Android 13. Apparently, Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored Italian Desert. Also, the number 13 is translated as tera in the Hindi language, but that does not seem to be connected.

Now the rumors and leaks have started surfacing on the internet about the features and specifications of Android 13.

Android 13 Features

XDA Developers have leaked some screenshots that have been sourced from an early unreleased version of Android 13. The screenshots depict the latest features that the Android 13 is supposed to come laden with.

Here are some of the new features expected to be present in Tiramisu:

Panlingual: The App Language Feature

Previously Android offered language selection to users but that language was applied universally all across devices to the apps that supported that language.

But the new feature that Google is working on codenamed Panlingual is an app-dedicated feature that basically allows the user to set individual languages for each app.

However, Android 13 won’t translate the app in real-time. The app must exclusively support that language to work. The Panlingual feature will be available in Settings > System > Languages and Input > Languages.

There you will be provided a list of all the apps that support individual languages and you can change them accordingly.

Notification Permission Feature

Most android users complain about getting loads of unwanted notifications. Since most of the apps on our devices are automatically authorized to send notifications on the home screen, it gets pretty tedious and exhausting looking and removing the unwanted notifications.

But the new feature in Tiramisu will allow users to individually allow or deny permissions to send notifications. Well, that’s a relief!

New Lock Screen Clock Adjustable Layout

The new Android 13 will give more freedom to users over their lock screen customization. Currently when notifications on the lock screen increase, the clock is shifted to the top-left direction.

But the new Double-line clock feature will let the user choose to allow the clock to remain at the center of the screen.


This is a developer-dedicated feature that uses Android resource credits to manage battery usage efficiently and block battery-draining apps.

Android 13 Release Date

For now, there has been no official announcement regarding the release of Tiramisu but it has been reported that Google might release a Developer Preview of Android 13 by 2022.

The features reported here may or may not make it to the final product but they certainly provide an insight on how the latest Android will be like and how it will deal with app management.


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