American Singer Taylor Swift invites 600 people for Album Party, 100 tests positive.


American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has run herself into massive trouble after more than 100 people from her party tested positive for the deadly covid virus. The party consisted of 600 people was conducted in Metro Theatre Sydney, Australia in lieu of the re-release of her album ‘Red’. Taylor Swift, 32 was however not present at the party according to sources. She further had no contact with the party. It was a gathering for fans to celebrate the 2012 album Red’s re-release. But little did the fans know that the celebration will turn into a super spreader for COVID-19.

Taylor Alison Swift, popularly known as Taylor Swift is one of the best-selling musicians of all time. She has won 11 Grammy Awards and an Emmy Award. So, you might be wondering why is she re-releasing her own albums? The masters for Taylor’s first six albums were owned by a record label named Big Machine until 2019. To renew the old deal and try to gain ownership swift tried to negotiate. But she couldn’t come to a unanimous decision. In order to reclaim control of her work, Taylor chose to cover all of her previous tracks and rerecord her first six albums. And one of those albums is the infamous “Red” Album.

Stand of Various Health Officials on the incident

COVID-19 cases are breaking records once again with their new omicron variant. Countries like the United Kingdom, South Africa, etc have already started to experience its harm. Further, countries like India, Australia are likely to experience the same. The health ministry, Australia stated that it was likely that at least some of the cases identified were the omicron variant and it is a matter of great concern.

A public health notice from New South Wales Health cautions that “anyone who attended the ‘On Repeat: Taylor Swift Red Party'” at Sydney’s Metro Theatre on “10 December” is close contact and should be tested and isolated for seven days. So far, the party has been linked to at least 97 instances of COVID-19. “Some of these individuals are likely to have the Omicron variation of concern,” the advisory said.

The department said that anyone thereā€œis close contact and must immediately get tested and isolated for 7 days. All of those persons’ household contacts should be tested as well, and the entire home should be isolated until the test results are negative.

According to NSW Health the continuous spread of Covid-19 in the Newcastle area, “poses too significant a danger for the event to go place this weekend. The organization stated in a statement regarding the Lunar Electric music festival, according to the Guardian.

Lastly, an alert was also issued stating that everyone should be cautious when celebrating with family, friends, and coworkers, and should avoid attending any social activities if they are experiencing any symptoms,” the notice stated. The health ministry further requested that the community “ensure that additional potential participants are informed of this warning.”


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