Survivor Season 41 Winner is Erika Casupanan


American competition television series Survivor has announced Erika Casupanan as the winner of its forty-first season after many weeks of twists and turns, challenges, and countless complicated advantages.

Survivor took to its official Twitter handle and wrote, “What an incredible season! Thank you all so much for watching and can’t wait to see you for Season 42. #Survivor”.

Erika Casupanan, who is the 39th winner of the series is the first woman to be crowned as the winner of the Survivor season since season 34 that ended in the year 2017. Erika is now the first Canadian citizen to win the show.

Here is the winner of Survivor Season 41

The season first aired on 22nd September 2021 via CBS in the United States and via the Global television network in Canada. It concluded on 15th December with Erika Casupanan being voted as the Sole Survivor.

Erika is not just the first of Filipino descent to bag the Survivor 41 title but also the first woman who emerged as the winner in seven seasons. Sarah Lacina was the last one who won in Survivor: Game Changers (Season 34).

Erika after her declaration as winner said, “The way that I look really affects the way that people treat me outside of the game … I knew that that was something that I had up my sleeve. And I had no ego about how I was going to play … I don’t need to have the full credit for anything. I knew the path to the end didn’t have to be pretty, I just had to get here … I just had to have the chance to plead my case.”

Who was eliminated on Survivor 41 on the finale night?

There were 18 new players in this season who were divided into three tribes: Luvu, Ua, and Yase. Deshawn Radden was the runner-up of this season at second place after a roller coaster show.

The third winner was Xander Hastings who did not get any votes from other players of this season. Xander is one of the youngest participants of the 41st season and the season’s oldest competitor Heather Aldret finished in fourth place.

It was evident during the final Tribal Council that the jury will announce Erika as the winner as she played a great under-the-radar game. Former NFL player, Danny McCray has also acknowledged that she played a good game and he envied the way she played as it was his wish to participate like her.

Danny said, “I wish we had gotten a better sense of her game. I feel like we spent an awful lot of time with all these bigger threats, which makes sense because you have to build them up in order to see them fall, but there should have been more indication of Erika’s lowkey mastermind game.”

The next season of “Survivor” returns is all set to be released on March 9, 2022. The casting for the 43rd and 44th seasons is in progress now and just in case you want to apply for it here is your chance. All the best.


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